Hello world!

This WordPress site is going to be used to host my portfolio as well as catalogue, and display my new work. This website will be viewed by prospective clients as a way for them to view my work, and see how great it is, then hire me!

I will be posting my backlog of work, and possibly my where my work would be featured. (Wouldn’t that be nice!). I’m going to be doing this for me, because designers require an online presence and having a personalized website carries more clout than just having an Adobe Behance or a LinkedIn profile (I hope!)

After my portfolio is posted, and all the T’s have been crossed, and I’s dotted, I will post new stuff when my work gets featured or published (and it’s something I’m proud of). I might go even as far as post anything artistic I do, such as when by band releases our tape (I swear it’s going to happen… Eventually…) Because not only will it feature a design by me, but I feel like featuring another artistic discipline of mine will add dimension to how I appear to prospective clients.

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